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2016     Visual Culture, Umeå University
2015     Higher Education Diploma in Art and Visual Studies
2014     Art and Philosophy, Valand Academy
2012-13     Art and Visual Studies, University of Gothenburg
1986-87     Art and Visual Studies, University of Gothenburg
1985-86     KV Art School, Gothenburg
1984-85     Free Graphics School, Gothenburg

2015    Vingen Culture House, Amhult
2011    Library Art Gallery, Öckerö
2007    Library Art Gallery, Svenljunga
2007    Galleri Konstrum, Gnosjö
2007    Lilla Galleriet, Göteborg
2004    Galleri art-E, Halmstad
1999    (dec 99-jan 00) Group exhib. Galleri ArtZero, Barcelona.
1988    Galleri Fönstret, Malmö
1986    Galleri Westers, Jönköping
1983    Galleri Gyllene Snittet, Gnosjö

2017     Art/music project "Lyrotron"
2016     Book cover - Essays by Lyn Hejinian, USA
2014     Art in music project: >>
1999    "Stains" Printed booklet
1995     Wall decorations for Covenant Church, Bohus-Bjorko
1994     Book cover and illustration "Ordet för dagen"
1993     Altar wall painting for Covenant Church, Bohus-Björkö
1984     Gnosjö municipality Culture Scholarship Award
1983     Painting for dinner room, Air Command F17, Sweden